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Du har valt medlemsnivå Coaching + Build your business with us.

If you choose to take part in our online clinic and group, you will get: *coaching every second week of the month, Tuesday, 4pm CET. Zoom/local phone (value 2200SEK/month). We will guide you, help you get calibrated, strong on your journey, guide you on your business start-up as well as a therapist, healer or coach if you wish. Build your business with us. We may* schedule extra support meetings for business support if we notice we need more time to share information with you. *get a paid phone line in Sweden you can get paid by your inland clients (value 869SEK/month) *visibility in our front page with your picture & direct phone (value 3500SEK/3 months) *access to our WhatsApp support group (value 1200SEK/month) Total: 7769SEK/month. Today's discount: 50% 3884,5SEK excl. VAT (971,125sek): 4855,625SEK, round: 4855,63sek. 24month contract. If you cancel latest than 3 month before time is up, it will renew itself. No refunds, cancellation upon the end of the period.    

Priset för medlemskap är SEK 4,855.00 per månad.

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