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Du har valt medlemsnivå Coaching & Strengthening remotely .

Welcome to book an appointment here. You will join Gabi & Co. will be guided upon your challenges & find answers as well as be strong. We meet every second Tuesday at 4pm CET, Stockholm time zone, on Zoom/local phone. During a coaching session, we read your energies remotely, help you strengthen weaknesses & resolve challenges, strengthen you in your life's missions and highest timeline with Yuen method and can also communicate information from the Spirit World. You can submit your questions & issues before hand, where we will be helping you resolve them & strengthen prior the session remotely. Dr. Gabriela (Gabi Gal) is a global, official yuen method consultant and PhD in intuitive coaching remotely. When you subscribe here, you purchase a monthly subscription and you will be invited to the upcoming calls. You can cancel your subscription at any time by the beginning of the coming month. (Vi kan hålla samtalet på svenska om du är själv på samtalet eller enbart svenskatalande finns.) (Se somente há brasileiros na sessão, podemos fazê-la em português.)   Be strong. Gabi & Co.

Priset för medlemskap är SEK 1,250.00 per månad.

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